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Card Captor Sakura RPG

Let's Save the World Again

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Welcome to Tomoeda High //_______
Welcome! This community is a Card Captor Sakura RPG. Your moderaters are daidoujii and li_xiaolang. If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of us.

Plot //_______
Another chapter of adventure begins ...
The most powerful magician, Sakura Kinomoto has captured the last unsealed Clow Card. It's been a long battle, but it has brought her many gifts. Still the same sweet girl she's also maturing into a fine young woman.
That chapter of her life is now closed, but the next chapter is about to open. Sakura is starting Junior High. She's facing a new school, new classmates, new teachers and a new threat. A similar energy as the Clow Cards is being dispelled. She must find out the motives of this new fulmination -- while protecting her precious gifts she worked so hard for ... or she may find herself losing them all.
Syaoran has returned to Hong Kong along with Meiling and are resuming their schooling. Tomoyo attends the same Junior High as Sakura, Eriol is still living in England and nothing more in the world has changed .. yet.
Robberies, kidnappings and vandalism start excessively occurring leaving the authorities baffled -- there's never any evidence to trace back to anyone. Sakura becomes suspicious & finds a clue that links all the crimes together; however it can't be seen. Only sensed. And it resembles the aura of Clow Reed.
Are there more cards she wasn't told about? Is it Clow Reed's spirit planning another test for her? These questions plague Sakura enough to make her sick. She contacts Eriol who has no news to tell her. He is just as clueless as her. Eriol confirms, as Clow's reincarnation there is no further threat.
Sakura informs Syaoran about the mishaps, yet even he can't supply her with any further possibilities. Leaving our Card Captors clueless they must collaborate together once again and face off a new evil that has been unleashed.

Background //_______
[ A small background note that will be imperative towards the SL is that where Clow Reed's/Eriol's house sat upon and was destroyed has been rebuilt upon, including a family who has claimed their residence there for quite some time now. Unfortunately not everything was destroyed from the house. The young boy, also transfer student whom attends Sakura's school, seems ordinary enough -- but would this small work of fate have anything to do with the strange happens around Tomoeda? Join Sakura and her teammates face yet another challenging adventure! ]

( Things will start about 6 months after the Second Movie. Our main characters are divided by oceans but Sakura's plead for help brings them all back to Tomoeda, Japan. Please start your post with a well descriptive action involving how your character arrived to Japan and we'll take it from there! We are also casting for our anonymous transfer student who is currently unnamed. )

Rules //_______
1. Characters must have a LiveJournal. All entries will be first-person.
2. Keep it friendly. If someone offends you in anyway, come to one of the mods and things will be discussed peacefully. We want this RP to be enjoyable for everyone.
3. Grammar and spelling is essential. No, we're not one of those elite role-playing communities that will ban you for a single word mispelled, or shun you because you missed a period at the end of a sentence. But, try to keep it to a minimum. I know I have plenty of mistakes myself.
4. If you're talking out of character, please put behind a lj-cut titled "OOC". Here is more information on lj-cut's.
5. No God mods. If you want a character [that is played by someone else] to do something to your character, ask permission from that player first.
6. Icons of your characters are encouraged.
7. Promote the community.
8. If you have any ideas for the RP, don't hesitate to make a comment.
9. All members should have AIM. That will be where most character interactions will take place. If you don't have AIM, contact one of the mods and we will set something up.
10. All RP-logs will be set under an lj-cut at the tomoeda_high community. Before lj-cutting please give a small summary and a rating [g, pg, r] as to what is taking place in the log.
11. Japanese names ONLY.
12. Original characters are allowed.
13. Any post under an lj-cut named (Private) may not be commented on by any characters.
14. So far, only 1 character per person, so choose wisely. Depending on how far and well this RP goes, we will change the character limit.
15. Journal entries are to be post in this community at least once a week.

Characters //_______
Kinomoto Sakura - a_i_shi_te_ru - 'manda
Li Syaoran - li_xiaolang - Jei
Daidouji Tomoyo - daidoujii - Geni
Cereberus / Kero-chan -
Tsukishiro Yukito / Yue -
Li Meiling - all_my_armor - Laur'
Hiiragizawa Eriol -
Akizuki Nakuru / Ruby Moon-
Spinel Sun / Suppi -
Kinomoto Touya - _touya - Dru
Mihara Chiharu -
Yanagisawa Naoko -
Sasaki Rika -
Yamazaki Takashi -
Mizuki Kaho -

( This community information has BEEN approved to be used by Jei li_xiaolang himself. )