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won't help me to do all that you dreamed i could.

Alright. Laur! I never heard back from you  ( possibly from lack of communication on my part. I didn't want to bother you. Lol. Come back when you can; I can only imagine how your job is stressing you. ) so I took out the Tarot/Clow Card bit. I sent this post to everyone, but there have been a few changes to fill in the gap of taking out Sakura's reading. So here we have a time jump --- and so sorry for God-playing everyone, .. If there's a problem, you know how to delete posts, <3 --- and I hope this will get the comm back on it's feet. I miss RPing with you guys.

So here we have a near two-week Fast Forward. Someone hit rewind if you're not liking what you're reading.


All my love.

The rain continued to fall.

Stiff minutes stubbornly drug in to hours that beautifully transitioned in to days. Late at night Syaoran paced at the front window where the curtains were parted, darkness peeking in like a frightened child hiding behind the drapes. Heat billowed from a vent, shaking the linen.

Stay here for just a while, just until .. The green in her eyes, the curl of her lip, had been too much; he gave in. Yet he kept his distance, distracted; Touya always hearing distance away, Syaoran's thoughts always absent, off with Meiling.

Her heart ached.

After the first day of dutifully scaling every inch of Tokyo Tower, both of them caught a cold deep in their lungs from the overpowering rain. Purple clouds thundered and ice fell like sheets.

"She always hated," He'd said, hand in Sakura's hair, "-- the cold."

She insisted Tomoyo stay, If it's not too much trouble. Which always means please. Every morning she'd see the shuffle of violet slippers and the swing of long black hair pass her door -- dazed, Tomoyo's face confused. So early ( only by her clock would she know; the sky never changed it's nightly facade ) that Sakura would roll over and wake up hours later with the sound of breakfast, Touya and Tomoyo reaching past one another for salt, Hand me the chopstick set, no the other one, Sakura likes the pink ..

Around 11:59, every night, her door would creek ( hidden by the deep drumming of the midnight bells from her Father's favorite antique clock ) and there Syaoran would be; barefoot, open shirt. Lost.


Then, mute, he'd come to her, drape himself over her comforter that wasn't such a comfort anymore and his arms would grab her up. Within moments the quiet understanding was replaced with a deep breath, followed by one even deeper, and then a smooth exhale as he'd finally drifted off to sleep in her hands.

And she'd lay awake all night listening to him breathe, afraid of the shadows that the light on her nightstand wouldn't illuminate, couldn't dissipate.

Couldn't overpower.

       "The power's out, .."


The days wore on and the nights grew longer. Syaoran went from not sleeping at all to sleeping too much, never moving beside her. Tomoyo's eyes grew dark, and Touya became listless. I have to work tonight. Late, he'd add, as an afterthought. Then a touch to her forehead, no smirk on his lips,

"Be careful, Kaijuu."

Swish of the umbrella,

rush of rain,

a slam of the door,

Tomoyo lowly -- slowly -- humming on the stairs

Syaoran so still in front of the windows, the wolf behind his eyes pacing --

( Sakura's heart breaking )

       And the rain, continuing to fall.

       And then, so suddenly, on the thirteenth day

           not falling

               at all.

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