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i love you more than words or the night sky.

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it's time to be wise.

The darkness did not hinder her, magical prowess filtering through the night, attempting illumination. Melted wax trickled down the tip of her index finger, burning; then cooling, a hard outer shell; exoskeleton. Her lips were slack, or else set in a firm line of guarded desperation.

It smelled raw, the thunder and the lightning. Burning, a thousand volts of electricity raging in the rain.

    Meiling? Meiling--

It had been then. A separate rolling in her mind, a pre-darkness. Hands like wrinkled death curling in to her brain, beating against her skull -- there had been the sudden urge to leave. It was something black against the light behind her eyes. She heard a heavy sigh and a low laugh against the pounding of the rain -- which seemed to slow, fall -- deranged -- against the splintering wood of her home.

It had been dense and pressing, a whirring in her ears, like a train returning to port. Evil magics. Her fingers had tightened around the deck that bore her namesake.

And then there was nothing, and she was aware too suddenly of him, so far from her -- feet could have easily been miles -- the storm knocking outside was replanted firmly in front of her.

He was stiff in front of her, shoulders clenched uncomfortably. Pacing, he seemed to collect himself -- if only momentarily -- walking briskly past her. I'm going to check on her. I shouldn't have been here. I have to go -- he pulled it like a burden on his wing. Worry scaled over his skin, trepidation -- much more than concern -- pooling in his averted eyes. She had just enough sense to reach out for his hand before he was too far gone, spiraling down too fast. Too far away from here, from her -- from himself. Did he try to pull away?

    "Did you feel that?"

    "I don't feel anything--" His voice rose.

    "Calm down," Although soothing, her grip tightened. He rounded, face wild, eyes searching hers in the candlelight. And, after a second -- a long second in which did nothing for either of their nerves -- she whispered, brokenly. "That was it."

Realization seeped in the brown of his eyes, always her favorite color -- now darkened, deepened with fear.

    "That's what I've been telling you about."

Her grip released him, and he took a sudden step away from her -- thinking, thoughts racing. So worried.

So scared.

Another step and she all but blurted, "I'm going with you."

His nerves frayed, he did nothing to stop her. Bounding out of her room, it was all she could do to pocket her cards, press a quick breath over the flame. It drizzled, it fumbled out of existence, the darkness replacing it's semi-warm glow.

She was gone before the first wisps of smoke had begun to curl towards the air vents.

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