i love you more than words or the night sky. (a_i_shi_te_ru) wrote in tomoeda_high,
i love you more than words or the night sky.

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I miss this but I don't think we can keep fooling ourselves anymore; Jei's not coming back, Meiling's gone and we can't keep this proverbial fire lit.

I miss the way things used to be, but now it just hurts too much to even think about RPing CCS. It was a chapter in my life and I guess, now, it's closed . I have to move on before I sincerely wither. And I am. And I have. Moved on, I mean.

Zettai daijobu. I know you all believe that.

I want to do what's best.

Chins up, buttercups.

and, yes, i am forcing myself to do this.

for now.

because this isn't healthy for me anymore.

This isn't about me. It's just not fair to any of you. I'm never around, you know. Lol.
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