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i love you more than words or the night sky.

hold me now i feel contagious.

So I forgot, earlier, to include the RP between the three of us --- Sakura's recollection of that is in italics. I think this post will be confusing. Lol. Just IM me.

"Are we going home now?"

It didn't feel strange or awkward to hear him use it like that. This was where he belonged now. Welcome back, welcome home. Sakura held fast to his hand.

       Rain rain go away --

The door. Careful steps inside. Syaoran kissing her fervently, distancing himself as he retreated back upstairs. I need to think. Goodnight. I love you.

       come again ..

Blinding, the scent and pressure of dinner that faded behind something much more powerful. There was a pale hand in her brother's hair, not his own, definitely not his own --- there was pearl polish, manicured, perfect. There was the soft silver ring Sakura had given out for a 15th birthday party, with wings and a heart and amethyst the color of Tomoyo's eyes, ..

There was clatter,


color in her mind separating -- a mix of molding purples and deep honey roaring back,

hands drifting away from skin, scolded.

"Sakura," one said.

"Sakura-chan," the other murmured. Soft and beautiful as the songs she sang when Syaoran showed her his plane ticket, when she was afraid and cried in this one's lap, rising later to smell like violets and geraniums.

                                 I love him

                  I love her

                       she's my

       he is


               number            one.

       I'm sorry.

       I'm sorry.

       .. come again some other day.

She was dreaming. Was this summer? The sun was behind her closed blinds, trees gripping the light like a thousand fingers, each branch a long hand. It was too hot and where was the rain?

Tomoyo stood there in a slip, curves shadowed in the satin. Sakura reached out. I've been so worried. Hey, you -- Hey!

Everything had ended in a splash of rainwater, a slamming door,

And absence.

"He's everything to me,"  Don't look at me like that. My heart is breaking.

"I love her, she is, ... my number one .." And we're sorry. But this is enough.

Tomoyo shuddered in a spur of emotion and ran.

And ran.

And ran

in to the dark where it enveloped her like her same fingers that had been there, tightening around Sakura's hand. "He'll be back before you know it," Tomoyo whispered against her cheek. "Everything will be alright."


is alright.

It will be alright.

But regardless Sakura was crying and running deep in to the black; path unknown and rain cloaking, hiding, desperately sheltering. Where was Tomoyo's light?

Won't she sing for me now?

Tomoyo. Come here. Sakura's hands stretched -- was Syaoran still by her side? Was this her room, draped in linen and high high in to the ceiling, were those crystal light fixtures? Come here please. I've missed you, were did you go?

Tomoyo never moved, hair heavy and black against her marble skin.

Your hair's wet, ..

Hey, you. Come here. Sakura sat up and grabbed at the lace around Tomoyo's arms, pulling her inch by inch in to her chest. Lips hung against Sakura's forehead, a dead sentence, a long paragraph of mute prose. Tomoyo's arms lifted and held Sakura tight.

Hey, you, Sakura mumbled. I love you.

The pong of a piano key, and the light overtook them both.

Real heat on her skin, now. Something drifting in from an overcast, dead sky. And then up and off of --

"Syaoran," she said, nearly too loud. He didn't move, asleep on her stomach. Wandering in so late at night -- a kiss, a clumsy hand beneath her back -- he had come to comfort her now. We haven't lost either of them, Sakura. We'll have them both back. Tomoyo probably needed some spac -- But not now. She had leaned up suddenly and they didn't speak again for a very long time. And she was aware of nothing but his pulse in her ears, his mouth on hers, his hands and eyes, blind, digging in to and gripping over her.

Then came eyes, his eyes in the sunlight. She hadn't seen him like this in so long.

"You're awake," she said, dumbly.

Silence, and then he muttered,

"The rain stopped."

She exposed her neck, curling around to see -- the window --

The Sun was confused, reaching out just enough to fizzle, black storm clouds whispering back in to place, threatening his shine. It felt humid. The light made it even more dangerous. Her fingers gripped against his shoulder blades.

And then the hum of the phone, vibrating -- jumping around on the nightstand. Syaoran, groaning, Don't answer I just want to sit here a while just you and me ---- but it was the Fur Elise ring tone.

And Sakura didn't think twice. The last note played and she reached just far enough not far enough, not in time. There was silence. Then a dull beep, Message Waiting.

Phone on her cheek, You have 1 new message ..


Syaoran looking up, chin on Sakura's diaphragm; breathing with her.


She dropped the phone against her pillow.

"Let's get up. Let's go," Lashes knit together, pushing against each other.

What? Wait--

"Tomoyo's awake."

They held hands as they walked out the door in to a much different world,
this reborn Tomoeda.

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