Daidouji Tomoyo (daidoujii) wrote in tomoeda_high,
Daidouji Tomoyo

sing to me the song of the stars

The clock flicked; 12:03

It'd been about an hour since she called Sakura. No sign of her. No sign of him. There were times when her head pounded and throbbed, and she could have sworn there was a simple knock at the door.

It's too hot, ..

Alright, let me open the window--

No, no. It's freezing in here...

Mother had been telling her to get rest; after being unconcious for weeks, sleeping was the last thing she wanted to do. Even at such an ill state, her senses remained alert. Eyes catching every sudden moment, nose filling with scents of medicine and various soups. With the gentle care from her mother, she managed to keep busy most of the time --


A cellphone rang. Was that Sakura calling? Calling to say that she'd be there soon, with flowers in one hand, and Syaoran in the other? Sonomi answered the phone, muttering something about how important the call was and left the room. Business before family, once more. Her eyes closed, and she listened to the silence. And suddenly his face was invisioned. Would he show up as well? Of course he would.., Wouldn't he? His face would be dumbfounded, and he'd sit there on the edge of the seat, grasping onto her pale hand, not knowing what to say or do. His presence would be enough. If only... If only she could see him for a split second-- Or touch his face, run her fingers through his hair, hold him close and whisper that everything's all right... Everything's all right.


Never give up hope. She'd show, both of them... They all would. Because that's what friends do. She's probably still slee-- Friends? Friends. There was an old photo album resting inbetween the crack of her bed and the night stand. Fingers grasped onto it, and she lifted it from the darkness, dust covering both sides. She dropped it on her lap, letting out a gentle cough from the dust as a hand swiped over the top of it, clearing the dust off. Then the album opened, (shehasn'ttouchedthissinceelementaryschool) Sakura's face lit up the first page; she was blushing. Always been camera shy. A smile crossed over her lips, while soft eyes gazed over the pictures. A picture of Kero, eating cake, covered in frosting. A snap shot of Syaoran, looking irritated as Meiling Li, the fiesty Lotus, held onto his arm as if she would never let go. There were photos of people who had become distant, but remained close to her heart. Rika, Chiharu -- everyone, but there was one who stuck out the most. Her smile grew wider and wider with every picture she saw, but soon faded once laying her eyes upon one photo -- a certain boy. A smug grin on his face, such passion in his eyes, through those wide glasses. "Eriol-kun..." Her whisper only greeted with silence. Finger gently touched the photo, as if it would come to life. How grown up and mature he would be now. A fine British gentlemen. Tall and elegant. Skin the color of ivory. His voice much more mature and deeper now, still as mysterious as ever. The kind of mysterious which only made you curious, and craving more, and more ..


A sound distracted her. Eyes gazed up towards the window, wincing some. The sound came again, a bit louder than before. And then another sound, similar, joined in. Then another, and another, before a whole symphony was made. With the sun came something she hadn't heard since it began raining.

Song birds.
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